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Keep Cool: Schedule an HVAC Tune up

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Take a look around your house. What issues are begging for your attention? Many of us focus on the highly visible problems — a leaky faucet, for example, or a damaged window screen — and fail to notice our home’s hidden maintenance needs.

One commonly overlooked system is the heating and cooling equipment that keeps our living spaces comfortable through hot summers and cold winters. When it’s functioning well, we barely give it a thought. But when it starts to malfunction, it definitely gets our attention — and often results in costly repairs or replacements.

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Taking the Plunge: When it’s Time to Upgrade your HVAC Equipment

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Even if you painstakingly maintain your HVAC equipment, there comes a time when it simply needs to be replaced. And although this comes with an initial investment, you can reap the rewards in the years to come with increased efficiency and lower energy bills.

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The Easy, Efficient Way to Keep Comfortable at Home

Do you live in a home without a central air conditioning system? If so, you may think space heaters are your only source of relief during the cold winter months. However, homeowners with “non-ducted” heating systems can take advantage of an efficient, affordable and versatile solution — ductless, mini-split heat pump systems (mini splits).

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The Greener Way to Heat and Cool

Geothermal heat pump systems are one of the most energy-efficient, environmentally clean and cost-effective space conditioning systems available. This technology is becoming increasingly popular due to its impressive efficiency. Relative to air-source heat pumps, they are quieter, last longer, need little maintenance, and as an added benefit, these systems can also be used for domestic water heating.

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No Ducts? No Problem. Introducing Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners.

When you check into a hotel, you know you can count on enjoying a comfortable stay no matter what it’s like outside. Hot summer day? You’ll find cool relief in your room. Cold winter night? Adjust the thermostat and keep warm until morning.

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Residential Energy Audit Articles

Residential Energy Audits: Maximize the Comfort of Your Home and Save Money, Too

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The average American household spends more than $2,200 a year on energy bills, with nearly half of this going toward heating and cooling. Have you ever wondered if there’s anything you could do to lower these costs?

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Home Energy Audits: The First Step to a More Comfortable, Energy-Efficient Home

Would you like lower energy bills and a more comfortable home? Consider a professional home energy audit — it’s the best way to determine where you can conserve energy in your home and save money. An in-person audit will help you discover different improvements you can make to increase the energy efficiency of your home. “But my home is new,” you might be saying to yourself. “This probably doesn’t apply to my house.” Home energy audits are not just for older homes — in fact, new homes often have significant energy problems that can go unnoticed by homeowners. Newer homes can leak air, and insulation may be inadequate, or even missing.

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Beat the Winter Blues: Weatherize Your Home Before the First Frost

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Keeping warm this winter doesn’t have to come with massive energy bills. Get a jump start on the cold months by taking some simple steps to winterize your home.

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Energy-Efficient Appliance Articles

ENERGY STAR® Appliances: Learn About the Benefits

You’ve probably noticed the bright yellow ENERGY STAR labels on everything from new refrigerators to washing machines. But what exactly is ENERGY STAR? Do the benefits of these energy-efficient appliances make them worth the investment? Will they save you money in the long run?

Let’s start with some background about the ENERGY STAR program. In 1992, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) introduced ENERGY STAR as a voluntary labeling program designed to identify and promote energy-efficient products to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The program expanded over the years, and now the ENERGY STAR label can be found on major appliances, office equipment, lighting, home electronics, new homes and more.

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