Energy Efficient Appliance Rebates from FirstEnergy

Household Products Rebates

Met-Ed, Penelec and Penn Power (FirstEnergy’s Pennsylvania utilities) help you save energy and money with rebates on select household products. Simply purchase any of the products shown below at a participating retail store or our online store and provide a completed rebate application, dated sales receipt and proof of purchase* to qualify.

Energy Efficient Surge Protector Rebates

Receive a $10 rebate for purchasing an energy-saving surge protector. A surge protector allows you to save money on your electric bill by turning off electronic devices that are not being used. To qualify for the rebate, the surge protector must have one primary outlet that controls a minimum of four secondary outlets with a sensor that can track when an appliance is on, off or asleep.  (Note: USB-interfacing surge protectors do not qualify for the rebate)

Energy Saving CFL Discounts

Energy Saving CFL Discounts

Receive a $10 rebate for purchasing an ENERGY STAR® qualified torchiere floor lamp. An ENERGY STAR torchiere can use up to 75 percent less energy and can save up to $150 in energy costs over its lifetime.**

 Discount Energy Saving LED Holiday Lights

Receive a $3.33 rebate on each set of ENERGY STAR® qualified LED holiday lights. LED holiday light sets consume up to 70% less energy than conventional incandescent light strands.**



*See product-specific requirements for proof of purchase restrictions under rebate requirements